Barclay’s Capital Test

The Barclays capital testing stage of the recruitment process provides a quick and efficient method of selection at Barclay’s capital. There are two tests required in this process, the Barclays capital numerical test and the Barclays capital verbal test, both designed by SHL. Although taking a psychometric test may seem unnecessary at first, a great deal of research has shown their validity with regards to job performance. Due to the importance of verbal and particularly numerical reasoning ability for a role in finance, Barclay’s capital tests serve a highly important function in the recruitment process.

Here at FinanceTests we offer tests highly similar to the Barclays capital tests, both verbal and numerical. Practice tests are the ideal method of preparation and practice for your Barclay’s capital verbal or numerical test, and indeed tests for any occupation. The benefits of taking practice tests can range from decreased anxiety due to increased familiarity with test taking to improved performance due to the practice effect. Barclay’s capital is known to be a highly selective employer, offering significant rewards to successful candidates. Ensure that you are among those successful candidates and protect yourself from an early screening out due to poor performance on a Barclay’s capital test.

Equities Researcher:

"This website was an amazing help in preparing me. A kind Thank You!"

Structuring Intern:

"Very very helpful! The numerical tests are the best training I've experienced so far to prepare for tests for IB"

Future Leaders Scheme Graduate:

"Excellent variety of practice tests ranging in difficulty levels. Really helped me feel prepared for, and pass, my actual online tests."

Finance Graduate:

"Fantastic. I am recommending this to ALL of my friends. The tests are harder than what you get for the initial screening (which is good because you finish 5 minutes early and can review your answers) and they are at the same difficulty level as the ones you receive in the actual assessment centre."

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Developed by Assessors

All of our practice tests have been designed by trained assessors, occupational psychologists and industry professionals to provide the highest quality practice tests that money can buy.

Designed for Your Level

Unique to FinanceTests, assessors have carefully tailored our products to suit candidates working at, or towards 5 specific levels, giving you the best possible chance at passing your psychometric test.

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Customers can access their tests online at any time under test conditions, simulating a live psychometric assessment. Customers may also download copies of the test and answer booklets for offline use.

Recommended by Industry

Our products have been thoroughly tested not only by assessors, but by the very poeple in the positions you will be applying for, we have added a selection of their reviews to our product page.

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