Citi Numerical Test

As one of the largest names in global banking, Citi continually strive to maintain the high standard of its workforce. To meet these ends, the Citi numerical test is employed during the Citi selection process, ensuring high levels of numerical reasoning ability in its staff. The Citi numerical test assesses a candidate’s mathematical ability, the ability to use functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, percentages and other operations within strict time limits. Naturally due to the nature of banking and finance, numerical reasoning ability could be considered the most important factor in building a successful career in these industries.

To help prepare for the Citi numerical test, FinanceTests have developed numerical reasoning tests to aid in your pre-test preparation. As with all aptitude tests, but particularly with numerical reasoning tests, the Citi numerical test inspires fear and anxiety into inexperienced test taker. However undertaking practice numerical reasoning tests before undergoing the real thing can have numerous benefits including decreased feelings of anxiety and stress, increased feelings of confidence and motivation and improved test performance due to the practice effect. Don’t let a bad performance on the Citi numerical test let you down, and bar you from attaining a position at Citi, instead practice, prepare and gain a dream job at Citi.


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