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The competition in the financial job market is more heated than ever, with employers looking for only top talent. To ensure the quality of its workforce, Credit Suisse employs tests to assess candidate’s capabilities quickly and efficiently. The Credit Suisse test, as produced by Kenexa is in two parts, the credit Suisse verbal test and the Credit Suisse numerical test. Numerical reasoning tests assess a candidate’s capability to understand and comprehend numerical data, and make logical inferences based on that data. Verbal reasoning tests will assess a candidate’s ability to understand written information, and make logical deductions based on that information.

At we offer the chance to practice for your Credit Suisse tests and indeed any ability test which a top player in the financial world would ask you to complete. Undertaking proper practice and preparation can have numerous advances for your Credit Suisse tests including increased confidence, decreased pre-test anxiety and improved test score due to the practice effect. Get ahead in the job market and gain a significant advantage over other candidates taking the Credit Suisse tests by utilising practice verbal and numerical reasoning tests, enhancing your test taking performance.


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Our products have been thoroughly tested not only by assessors, but by the very poeple in the positions you will be applying for, we have added a selection of their reviews to our product page.

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